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Affordable Garage Door Upgrades Everyone Should Make

Keeping your garage door upgraded and looking good has plenty of benefits that you’re better off taking advantage of now. It may seem hackneyed, but the moment the garage door becomes a point to fix, many of us fright away because of the costs usually attached to the process. However, you could carry out some affordable garage door upgrades with amazing aesthetic results to the entire property. 

If your home looking good is not solid enough a reason, then perhaps these reasons will encourage you to invest, at the very least some time into a garage door facelift.

  • Your home appreciates in value.
  • Added security. A safer home for your loved ones.
  • Enhance the curb appeal of your house.
  • Reduced garage door maintenance costs.

Let’s look at some upgrades that will beautify your property before we delve into the points above in more light. 


Garage Door Upgrades to Consider

Natural Wood Finish for Garage Doors

It doesn’t have to be cut from a tree to look as natural as the forest itself. Not only would a gate textured and rendered to evoke that woody finish brings comfort to anyone pulling up to it, but it can also actually be camouflage. With some experience, you could have metallic surfaces appear more like wood. Various coats of paint and a topping to finish the decor will surprise anyone that goes on to touch, let alone lift the gate afterwards. 


Add Some Light To The Garage Space

The one thing you can be sure everyone does when they walk into their garage door is to flip the light switch on. Day or night, when the garage door is shut, you will need some light. Why not add some window panes to your existing garage door. Not only will space become more energy-efficient, from the outside, but the continuation from walls with windows will also look appealing to onlookers. Note, while there are a lot of garage doors that come fitted with these, you may not have to buy a new one at all. Also, you might want to consult with some experts first before you attempt to unhinge the garage door with a saw in hand to do the upgrade by yourself. 


Go Contemporary With Garage Doors

Depending on how wide the front end of your house is compared to the garage door(s) surface area, you may want them to be as modern as your home’s interior. Maybe dim the contrast between your driveway and the furniture theme you went with inside the house. The plane is open on this one if you have a lot of glass showing inside the house, shiny metallic garage doors that mimic mirrors can be the option you go to. You may want to get that custom made should you not find it on a catalogue near you. 


Add Some Automation To The Garage Door

Automating the garage door is trending. And unlike most think, it is within every home owner’s reach. By adding wifi enabled garage door opener, along with a mobile application to open the door as and when you desire, the level of convenience you add is huge. Most automation kits come with monitoring cameras as well. Imagine being able to open the garage door so that the holiday gifts you bought as a surprise for the family are delivered and stashed away in the garage while you watch from work. 


Change The Garage Door Colour

Who dictates that all garage doors in your neighbourhood should be white, or dull and grey, black if bold? Why not match the garage door with the subtle attention-grabbing red shed you have on your car? Will it make you stand out? Maybe if you go with yellow. If that is your colour of choice, the cost of paint is the only thing standing between making a statement and blending in with everyone else. 


Increase Energy Efficiency

That cavity enclosed by the garage door holds a lot in the balance when seasons change. A warm garage gently shares the heat with adjacent rooms from spaces under the door as well as through the walls. The garage door can sap all that warmth out through conductivity if it is made of solid metal. What with all its near-perfect ability to move energy across spaces. With insulated garage doors, your garage will not drain the warmth you intend for your family, rather keep it where you intend. Inside. 


Go Green.

Ask for a garage door made from recycled material. Not only are you able to find way more attractive finishes on such doors, but you might actually discover that they are of more firm and secure finishes. Consider a door made from the composite of plastic and wood. The same material used nowadays on pool decks and patios. The easy of lifting it, versus the shear difficult it takes to dent it, are astonishing properties of such alloys. 


Now To The Why Part

We shared some upgrades you can carry out on the garage door, at a budget, now on to the part we convince you to get started. This will be an expansion of the pointers summarized at the start of this piece. 


1. Add Value To Your Property

When releasing your house onto the market, the garage door is among some of the considerations that can break or make a good looking deal. Think about it, if you were buying from between two houses, and one had an automated garage door, such that even when the storm makes it hard to see if you’ve got home or not, it opens up to let you into the warmth it had trapped with its energy-efficient form. The other house has outward swinging garage doors that require you to exit the car to open, only to enter a cave as cold as the outside. Which house would you pay more to live in?


2. Added Security

Apart from just the attention invested in the garage door is capable of discovering areas that may require urgent attention. Changing garage doors for more sturdy builds means you can rest easy knowing that the only way that opening allows someone in is if you are in agreement. No crowbar wielding burglar will stand a chance with a garage door with a two-way audio system. A simple cough through the channel from your end as you watch who are attempting to enter is enough to dissuade them from the exercise. 


3. The Importance Of Curb Appeal

Within the first few seconds, someone looking at your property will have made the decision to offer or to move on. First impressions are not only important when we need something from other people, but they can also light up a visitor’s attitude. A well-maintained garage door blends well with colourful flowers on the magnificent stretch of the driveway that suggest respect for the people looking after their valued property. Even if you don’t intend to sell (as yet), wouldn’t it be more pleasurable for your loved ones to enjoy a beautiful home than to improve it only because now seems the right time to sell?


4. An Old Garage Door Costs More Than A New One

This is evident when garage door repairs are required. Finding the right parts to replace those on the old system could be futile. Meaning fabrication of hinges, weights and other old garage door parts. In short, money. Whereas, a new garage door will have plenty of swings left before you need to look up the number of the guy that fixes everything. Also, the fact that you can trade your garage door in, to recyclers, and buy a newer design makes it unreasonable to have a rusty slab in view for everyone that visits you to dodge in fear of contracting something.

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