Garage Door Types: What are the Popular Garage Door Styles?

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Garage Door Types: What are the Popular Garage Door Styles?

We all know how significant is a door to our house, right? It serves as an exterior barrier, a thing that opens and closes the houses. A thing that protects your security and safety. Front entry doors always catch everyone’s attention. As it is the first thing that we see before entering or going out of the house.

Every front door in every house is designed and made uniquely. It has the decoratives and fancy styles which make it more appealing. Same with your garage door that occupies almost 25% to 50% of the front facade of your house. Your garage door can either break or boost your home curb appeal. 

Let’s admit it. If your home has a front-facing garage, the more possibilities that it will be exposed to everyone. Since a garage door is huge enough to catch the attention of all the passers-by. With that, you may want to choose carefully when planning to install or replace your garage door.

Most especially if you have a real estate business, an appealing garage door can be easily spotted by potential buyers. Aside from the designs, you should also need to choose wisely what type of garage door is well-suited to your house.

When it comes to garage door types, you can choose from a wide range of options. Some of the most common types of garage doors are slide to the side, roll-up, sectional, side hinged, tilt-up retractable and tilt-up canopy.

After deciding the kind of garage door, you must also decide the materials, colour, finishing and special features. 

Choosing a type of garage makes your head spin a bit as you can categorize them from sizes, materials to how it opens. But worry not because we are going to breakdown the different types of garage doors in the simplest form. So you can decide wisely what to choose from the list.

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Garage Door Types: What Garage Door is Perfect to your Home?


Sectional Garage Door


A sectional garage door is designed and made up of panel sections that are held together with hinges. These hinges make the garage door panel to move and bend so it can open. Also, as the garage door opens, the wheels attached at the edge of each panel move inside a vertical track on both sides. 

The sectional garage door moves up in a vertical track, then it bends and runs on a parallel way up to the ceiling. The hinges also allow the door to go in line with the walls when it was completely closed. That’s how sectional garage door works.

Sectional garage doors are usually made from steel. These are also low in maintenance. You can customize it as well if you want to add textures, colours, window inserts, and other hardware. This type of garage door also comes in two models, an insulated and non-insulated one.


Roll-up Garage Door


A roll-up garage door or coiling doors is like a paper rolled into a cylinder form. This kind of garage door type is most common in commercial buildings than residential ones. As commercial buildings, particularly those small ones have only limited ceiling space. Since this garage door rolls-up, it can only occupy little space. 

This type of garage door is made with 2″-3″ steel slat sections that roll up easily around the so-called drum. 

A roll-up garage door has high-performance units and is built to withstand heavy usage. It is designed without springs or enclosed to prevent rusting and corrosion. Since this garage door has a heavy-duty nature, the upfront cost of it is higher than the sectional type.

If you are asking how it works, here it is. When you open a roll-up garage door, it starts rolling around a barrel or drum located above the door opening. It works easily because the garage door is made of horizontal slats allowing it to curve and bend.


Slide-to-slide Garage Door


Slide to the side garage door is one of the earliest types of garage doors. The reason why this one is not so common nowadays. Although there are still a few homes with this kind of garage door. Slide-to-slide door is commonly used in a garage with little headroom.

I know you are curious now about how this garage door opens. Well, this garage door works just like what its name implies. Unlike other garage doors that run and bend upwards your ceiling, this one slides to the side. It slides to the one side part of the garage doors bending and running parallel to the wall. Also, it does not require some balancing strips since it has a built-in retractable motor that is operated automatically. 


Side-hinged Garage Door


A side-hinged garage door is one of the classic styles of a garage door. It is also called as swing-out the garage door. This type of garage door merely resembles large barn doors that are usually made of wood. Although, some of this is also made of galvanized steel commercial types of doors. 

Unlike the other garage door types with hinges between the panel sections, this one has on its side. This garage doors swing open and close from a hinged frame on the side of the garage opening, rather than upwards. Another thing is, you can customize its hinges to swing either inwards or outwards for your home.

This garage door type is the most common one lately especially for some garages with limited headroom. You can purchase this in a pre-hung steel frame or you can fit it into your existing garage openings. You can also add automated special conversion arms in its feature. 


Tilt-Up Garage Door


Unlike sectional garage and slide-to-the-side doors, tilt-up garage doors don’t have sections as they are made of one solid object. From the title itself, they tilt up and into your garage when opening. There are two kinds of tilt-up garage doors, these are the tilt-up canopy garage door and tilt-up retractable garage door.

  1. Tilt-up canopy garage door: It is the more common and popular tilt-up garage door style. It has a pivoting hinge mechanism that makes the door move upward and slide back parallel to the garage ceiling. Then, when the door opens, it sits parallel to the ceiling and a small portion of the door extends past the frontal facade of your home. 
  2. Tilt-up retractable garage door: Tilt-up retractable garage door works similarly to a canopy garage door. The only difference is, it has no small portion that extends past in the frontal facade when it’s open. Its door is suspended independently from its frame. Also, the tilt-up retractable garage door occupies more space than the tilt-up canopy garage door. Many homeowners choose this type of garage door, however, it is more complicated to operate as compared to other types. Also, when it comes to cost, this one is more expensive.

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Final Thoughts

In choosing the right garage door types, you should consider your needs as well as the style of your garage. Besides, there are different types of garage doors to opt-in. You can categorize them from their features, style, colour, materials and how they work. 

If you are planning to install, replace or repair your garage doors, feel free to contact us. You can also visit our site Canada Garage Doors. We are more than willing to serve you!

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Why Regular Garage Door Maintenance is Important?

When it comes to home maintenance, the most common part being neglected is the garage door. Only a few homeowners do regular maintenance for their garage door. But did you know that every homeowner should do a proper garage door maintenance, regularly? 

Your garage door is the most common part of your house that all of you are using mostly every day. It closes and opens every time you enter and exit your vehicle from your home. Regular use of your garage can damage and strain it. Also, it is one of the biggest and heaviest parts of your house so it should not be overlooked. To sum up, it serves as the exterior barrier that protects you, your family, your belongings and properties.

So you must do a garage door maintenance, regularly to avoid future problems. 

If you are still in doubt about whether to get a garage door maintenance or not, continue reading more. We are going to show you some of the specific importance of regular garage door repair and maintenance.

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Importance of Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

To keep you and your family safe from accidents

Every year there are tons of people experience accidents and injuries because of damage garage doors. From DIY garage door projects to neglecting maintenance and repair for the garage door, accidents are sure to increase. You should regularly check the condition of your garage door because it is big and heavy enough to injure someone. 

Without proper regular maintenance, the garage door’s parts are more likely to break because of constant use. Regular use can wear and tear up its parts. If broken, there is a high possibility to have some malfunctions. These malfunctions can cause serious injury or can be deadly particularly if it’s a garage door spring. Garage door accidents can happen in many ways, like getting your hands caught or getting hurt when it suddenly falls off.

So, if you observe that there are damages, either big or small, you must call garage door maintenance experts immediately. So, you and your family are free from any type of accident related to a garage door. Your family’s safety should be your topmost priority.

garage doors repair Maple

To lengthen the lifespan of the garage door.

Irregular maintenance of a garage door does not only lead to injury but also leads to a shorter lifespan of it. Lack of lubrication, unaligned tracks, loose bolts, etc. can all prevent the garage door to open and close normally. If these are left unattended, it can tear up the garage door permanently, leading to total damage. 

If you have garage door spring, its lifespan can last up to 10,000 cycles. However, if it is not regularly lubricated it can be damaged quickly.

Every garage door manufacturers strongly recommend regular repair and maintenance. Even though door manufacturers claim that their garage doors are designed to last, still it needs maintenance. Everything that is taken cared of properly and maintained regularly, last for a long time.

To avoid sudden malfunctions and damage.

When your garage door suddenly had a malfunction, you have no choice but to call for an emergency repair service. This is not only more expensive but also extremely inconvenient to you. But if you call a garage door repair service regularly, you are less likely to experience sudden damage. Also, if ever there is damage, it can be addressed immediately to prevent future or worse problems. Another thing is, you do not need to panic where and how to call a repair service. 

To prevent inconvenience

We are all busy with our businesses, works and other kinds of stuff. That is probably one of the reasons why we neglect our garage door repair and maintenance. But it should not be like that because a broken garage door can bring inconvenience to us. As it serves as the entrance and exit in a house, particularly your garage. If it is not working properly, your vehicle may be stuck inside or the other way around. Aside from that, you will be needed to find a garage door repair service and wait for their arrival. It does not end there as you cannot determine if it is repairable or needs to replace.

To add value to your property.

If you have a real estate property business, a new garage door can give you an ROI of nearly 90 percent. If it is a typical type of house then a garage door can make up 50% of the front facade. With that, a well-maintained garage door is more pleasing and appealing to a potential buyer.

To update your garage door functions.

Apart from adding value to your house, regular garage door repair also allows you to update its function. Some may say that add-ons are not totally relevant but if it improves your home’s security, then it’s worth it. 

If you have an old garage door model with the same rolling codes, for some instances, you feel unsecured. But if you have regular maintenance, you can easily update its rolling code system. Some updated version can change its codes every time you go out, so no one can easily break-in.

One more thing is when you are using an electric garage door and you experience a sudden power outage. If your garage door can be operated using a battery back up then you can ensure that it can still work. There are a lot of garage door security features available out there, it’s up to you to decide what to choose. Garage doors maintenance lets you upgrade your garage door features to the latest security settings. 

To lessen the damage repair cost.

If you are having regular maintenance it can minimize the possibility of running into costly major damage and repairs. In that case,  you can save more money in the long run. Having regular maintenance is more cost-effective than major repairs or completely having to replace it. 

The average cost of replacing a garage door opener cost $350. In some cases, a total replacement of a garage door can cost up to $1,100 but still varies. 

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Key Takeaways

If you take care of your garage door it can last for more years. You will not only get value for your money but you can avoid as well the additional costs of major repairs. So, it is better to have regular maintenance for your garage door so you and your family are safe and secured, too. 

It is always better to prevent possible problems than to face it out of the blue. With just a little maintenance care, you can make sure that your garage door lasts longer. Plus, you will not experience any unexpected problems.

If you need to consult an expert, always call a reliable garage door repair company so there is no regret.

Remember that maintenance is crucial to your garage door and a broken one should be fixed immediately. In Garage Door Repair Canada, we offer a 24/7 emergency repair all over Toronto and Vaughan. 

So, when was the last time your garage door was properly repaired or maintained? 

You can give us a call today so we can offer you a consultation regarding your garage door repair and maintenance.

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Affordable Garage Door Upgrades Everyone Should Make

Keeping your garage door upgraded and looking good has plenty of benefits that you’re better off taking advantage of now. It may seem hackneyed, but the moment the garage door becomes a point to fix, many of us fright away because of the costs usually attached to the process. However, you could carry out some affordable garage door upgrades with amazing aesthetic results to the entire property. 

If your home looking good is not solid enough a reason, then perhaps these reasons will encourage you to invest, at the very least some time into a garage door facelift.

  • Your home appreciates in value.
  • Added security. A safer home for your loved ones.
  • Enhance the curb appeal of your house.
  • Reduced garage door maintenance costs.

Let’s look at some upgrades that will beautify your property before we delve into the points above in more light. 


Garage Door Upgrades to Consider

Natural Wood Finish for Garage Doors

It doesn’t have to be cut from a tree to look as natural as the forest itself. Not only would a gate textured and rendered to evoke that woody finish brings comfort to anyone pulling up to it, but it can also actually be camouflage. With some experience, you could have metallic surfaces appear more like wood. Various coats of paint and a topping to finish the decor will surprise anyone that goes on to touch, let alone lift the gate afterwards. 


Add Some Light To The Garage Space

The one thing you can be sure everyone does when they walk into their garage door is to flip the light switch on. Day or night, when the garage door is shut, you will need some light. Why not add some window panes to your existing garage door. Not only will space become more energy-efficient, from the outside, but the continuation from walls with windows will also look appealing to onlookers. Note, while there are a lot of garage doors that come fitted with these, you may not have to buy a new one at all. Also, you might want to consult with some experts first before you attempt to unhinge the garage door with a saw in hand to do the upgrade by yourself. 


Go Contemporary With Garage Doors

Depending on how wide the front end of your house is compared to the garage door(s) surface area, you may want them to be as modern as your home’s interior. Maybe dim the contrast between your driveway and the furniture theme you went with inside the house. The plane is open on this one if you have a lot of glass showing inside the house, shiny metallic garage doors that mimic mirrors can be the option you go to. You may want to get that custom made should you not find it on a catalogue near you. 


Add Some Automation To The Garage Door

Automating the garage door is trending. And unlike most think, it is within every home owner’s reach. By adding wifi enabled garage door opener, along with a mobile application to open the door as and when you desire, the level of convenience you add is huge. Most automation kits come with monitoring cameras as well. Imagine being able to open the garage door so that the holiday gifts you bought as a surprise for the family are delivered and stashed away in the garage while you watch from work. 


Change The Garage Door Colour

Who dictates that all garage doors in your neighbourhood should be white, or dull and grey, black if bold? Why not match the garage door with the subtle attention-grabbing red shed you have on your car? Will it make you stand out? Maybe if you go with yellow. If that is your colour of choice, the cost of paint is the only thing standing between making a statement and blending in with everyone else. 


Increase Energy Efficiency

That cavity enclosed by the garage door holds a lot in the balance when seasons change. A warm garage gently shares the heat with adjacent rooms from spaces under the door as well as through the walls. The garage door can sap all that warmth out through conductivity if it is made of solid metal. What with all its near-perfect ability to move energy across spaces. With insulated garage doors, your garage will not drain the warmth you intend for your family, rather keep it where you intend. Inside. 


Go Green.

Ask for a garage door made from recycled material. Not only are you able to find way more attractive finishes on such doors, but you might actually discover that they are of more firm and secure finishes. Consider a door made from the composite of plastic and wood. The same material used nowadays on pool decks and patios. The easy of lifting it, versus the shear difficult it takes to dent it, are astonishing properties of such alloys. 


Now To The Why Part

We shared some upgrades you can carry out on the garage door, at a budget, now on to the part we convince you to get started. This will be an expansion of the pointers summarized at the start of this piece. 


1. Add Value To Your Property

When releasing your house onto the market, the garage door is among some of the considerations that can break or make a good looking deal. Think about it, if you were buying from between two houses, and one had an automated garage door, such that even when the storm makes it hard to see if you’ve got home or not, it opens up to let you into the warmth it had trapped with its energy-efficient form. The other house has outward swinging garage doors that require you to exit the car to open, only to enter a cave as cold as the outside. Which house would you pay more to live in?


2. Added Security

Apart from just the attention invested in the garage door is capable of discovering areas that may require urgent attention. Changing garage doors for more sturdy builds means you can rest easy knowing that the only way that opening allows someone in is if you are in agreement. No crowbar wielding burglar will stand a chance with a garage door with a two-way audio system. A simple cough through the channel from your end as you watch who are attempting to enter is enough to dissuade them from the exercise. 


3. The Importance Of Curb Appeal

Within the first few seconds, someone looking at your property will have made the decision to offer or to move on. First impressions are not only important when we need something from other people, but they can also light up a visitor’s attitude. A well-maintained garage door blends well with colourful flowers on the magnificent stretch of the driveway that suggest respect for the people looking after their valued property. Even if you don’t intend to sell (as yet), wouldn’t it be more pleasurable for your loved ones to enjoy a beautiful home than to improve it only because now seems the right time to sell?


4. An Old Garage Door Costs More Than A New One

This is evident when garage door repairs are required. Finding the right parts to replace those on the old system could be futile. Meaning fabrication of hinges, weights and other old garage door parts. In short, money. Whereas, a new garage door will have plenty of swings left before you need to look up the number of the guy that fixes everything. Also, the fact that you can trade your garage door in, to recyclers, and buy a newer design makes it unreasonable to have a rusty slab in view for everyone that visits you to dodge in fear of contracting something.

Garage Door Ideas For Modern Homes  

Gone are the days when the garage door ideas were only that it waited to open for the car and keep shut as a storage space lid. If you’re into the modern household living, then you know that your garage door and space around it can be used to make design statements that make it worth just pulling up and taking a picture of the facade now and then. Not that there is any shortage for garage door inspiration, but we compiled some trending garage door ideas that you could look into implementing for different finishes and statements. Enjoy!

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1. Faux Wood Finished Garage Door

Even when the garage door is metallic, not made from fibre-glass or even metal, you can bring the stable style wooden finish with a little creativity. Because not many people will want to touch the gate from the curb where they see it, you can play around with texture and colours to get the look you want.

Consider adding some fake hinges, and you have what would have been perfect if it were made from wood. Only you still have the look but none of the flammable side of tree-derived garage doors. 


2. A Play With Garage Door Lights

Now, if you often get home when the sun has long set, then you’ll know how important the lights are. Some houses only have the two lights on either side of the entrance to guide you on where the opening ends, but you can do more. Consider placing lights on the top part of the opening instead, for more of a spotlight feel.

The walls do a great job guiding the car inside after all. If you’ve thought of having lights on the garage door itself, that would be some interesting engineering for the contractor. For one, how would they keep the lights on when the door is moving, will a longer than needed wiring cable be called for? Those are things that your guests will have spinning in their heads when you invite them over. 


3. Add A Smaller Door To The Big one

Instead of having a smaller aperture in the wall next to the garage door opening, how about just adding the auxiliary opening right into the garage door itself? This way, there are fewer security concerns, especially when the smaller door is only manually accessible from the inside or through a pin combination when you approach from outside. Making that opening of different colours further adds modern design processing to the overall look. 


4. Glass And Mirrors On Garage Doors

If you practically pull up to a house of glass, continuing with the theme when it comes to the garage door makes perfect sense. Even for cases where the rest of the house is anything other than glass, the reflective mirror finish on a garage door makes bold statements very few dare to suggest. By the way, it won’t have to be glass-fragile material used for the reflective surface, many polished smooth metals will do. 


5. Add A Threshold To The Opening

Tired of standing in the snow and rain as you yank the garage door up when you get home from an outing, a threshold will be at your rescue. This project, while small, is best left to the pros. You cannot risk any collapse of the supportive structure when the snow load of precipitation surpasses the structural integrity of the material you chose to construct it out of. 


6. Go Retro

If you want to make that statement people will talk about days after they have left your house, go retro. A function-first gate. Arch-shaped, wooden finished, and if you don’t mind, requiring manual effort to gain entrance into will bring the nostalgic feeling that evokes memories you can brew with your visitors.  If the idea of wood is not on the table, you can still achieve this look and feel by creatively crafting the material of your choosing.


7. Make The Space Wider

If you park two vehicles into the garage space, then making the aperture wider can enhance its look and functionality. For one, you wouldn’t have to worry about the door hitting into the next car when you came in last. You also get a wider area to artistically make a statement with an even wider garage door. If you have a smart car or are certain that the space you have is too wide, doing the opposite works the same. Imagine having doors of the same width for visitors as for your vehicle. 


8. A Play With Lines And Shapes

Say you have horizontal blocks as a stone finish for your home’s facade, continuing the pattern with horizontally themed wooden boards removes parallax. If you’re going for parallax, then an opposite flowing pattern can be the way to go. Some houses will match the shape of pavers on the driveway with that of the garage door, much to the delight of visitors and everyone passing by. 


9. A Garage Door That Continues With The Wall

Imagine having a garage door that disappears into the front wall. This would have to be a project invested in technology and carried out by someone experienced. The door moves back first then slides up or rolls into a bundle above the opening. The look and texture will have to be exactly as the sidewalls. This magic door easily starts conversations and instills the idea that you are moving with the times.


10. Metallic Garage Door

You won’t have to get too creative to make a statement. A metallic gate, solid in both appearance and feel can make a strong starting sentence to how you did it. A little artistry to show that the design and decision are intentional goes a long way making the rest of the house as secure as the door itself. Because your garage door can have two layers, you can as well play an illusion on everyone and have a thin metallic outward layer, paired with a lightweight carbon-based internal layer. 


In Conclusion

You’d expect the design of the garage door to go with what it is the owner of the house does for a living. For instance, the high technology kind of gate would go well with those working in the field.

While a security consultant would go with the solid and safety assurance that comes with metal finishes. Age too comes into context. The more playful garage door types, with bright colours as opposed to the normal trend, can immediately suggest the age group that abides within the walls of the building.

When considering the finish and design to go with, there are a few things to keep in mind. Worth mentioning is the final weight of the garage door. That solid metal door idea, although popular, means most of the lifting will be by a strong motor, which affects the total cost of the project.

Conversely, the glass garage door will be light but suddenly stops, birds flying into, or kids getting too close all invoke the fear that it could crack and hurt someone. Energy efficiency levels to have to be considered. In essence, there has to be more thought invested in it than what you’ll wear on a Saturday afternoon. 

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Top Garage Door Trends For 2020

As we approach a more energy consumption and environment aware society, it is inevitable that our homes and how we build them catch on. For 2020, a few trends will continue to dominate the reasons why people buy and replace their garage doors with a select type.

We’ve researched, observed and put together these facets of thinking to help everyone looking for a garage door in 2020 make decisions that go with the times. Enjoy!

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More Colourful Finishes Than Before

As it becomes less of an issue of why people wear a certain colour as opposed to the ones society expects of them, the same is happening with garage doors. Back in the 90s, a yellow garage door would have caused drivers passing by to veer off their line for a bit (a little exaggeration, but you get the point). Nowadays, if yellow is what you love, both the front door and the garage door can as well be yellow and nobody will frown as you out on your way to work.


More Glass Incorporated in Garage Doors

In addition to colour, glass too, with it’s ‘all-colour’ property will become a staple in modern homes. Especially with the younger demographic. Not only does mirrored glass lets you see exactly what you impose onto it, but you also cannot see through it.

Also since many homes are letting in more light by replacing parts of their roofs with glass, it too will be a continuation of the idea. Some garage entrances will see the material just above the door replaced with glass so that free natural light flows in from the outside.


Euro-Style Garage Doors

Imagine passing by a house with an arch-shaped garage door among a line of homes with the usual four-sided garage door shape. The nostalgia alone would impress. This will be a trend in 2020 as more young homeowners start to appreciate the attractiveness of the arch.

Especially those with homes that already extrapolate the arch accent on window and door frames. A touch of the Spanish arch spread over a long gap often is more pleasant to glance at than the boxed designs.


Energy-Efficiency First Garage Doors

Considering how the usage solar systems have been more on the news and on a lot of advertisements compared to years past, it is easy to predict that energy will be a thought when buying garage doors. Because the door only works when the motor is running, there shouldn’t be much in the direction of consumption, rather on how good a door can conserve energy inside the building. 

Before buying a garage door on the purpose of just covering the gap through which the car gets into the building, more emphasis will be put into making sure the door is an insulator. This can suggest a sharp to moderate increase in the number of garage doors replaced in Canada as a whole. A garage door’s life span is big enough to make it easy for inertia to kick in and have some homeowners just overlook this point, but as seasons change, minds should too.


Garage Doors From Recycled Material

Lessening our carbon footprint will not only affect the garage door industry, but all those that rely on earth extracted raw materials. Garage doors made from recycled material along with composite material should be available for homeowners who’d rather feel that their purchase is not causing another part of a forest to be chopped down.

Recycled aluminum should see its way into the garage door area of use. Not only does the surface protect itself from corrosion, but the glitz it naturally possesses can be used to bring out the beauty of a house from the outside going in. The same applies even for iron forged garage doors. Chances will be, that the metallic form was last a car or part of a recycled railway line, now protecting your car from weather elements and intruders. 


More Garage Door Automation

As it becomes easier and less expensive to automate garage doors, the trend will see an increase. With a few steps detailed on a menu, it will take less than an hour to unbox and test a garage door automation kit. The entire home will keep getting automated, and the garage door too will be in that mix. Results from such automation will be that garage doors will log who opened them, and at what time. It will also be possible for homeowners to monitor what is happening outside and inside the garage through surveillance installed as part of the garage door installation system.


New Materials Used for Garage Doors

Back in the 90s, the thought of garage doors was immediately paired with a metal slab. This has stopped being the case, with a lot of homeowners opting for more lightweight options in the form of fibreglass and even vinyl. Compared to the mainstream wood and metal bodies that garage doors were predominantly made from, these options require less maintenance effort. A few wipes to remove accumulating dust every weekend and they keep the front of the house looking neat and tidy.


Farm House Garage Doors

Despite being of an alternative material than wood, a nice finish of polyurethane and the detail that suggests a country environment can be enough to make a house stand out. These will be a sight to see as garage doors become more of a decoration piece than the intended use. Say you miss the life you had back at the farm, a simple picture of the garage door or barn door is enough inspiration to get a cloning project underway.


Carved Garage Doors

We used to see these kinds of garage doors back in the 80s, but the trend is on the way back. Only now, with the availability of tools like 3-D Printing designs carved or added ad decorative layers on the surface of the garage door are open to owner discretion.

From floating shapes to artistry next to the beautiful sculpture we see in art displays. Because of this, the hydrocarbon-based garage door type will find favour among those looking to achieve this kind of finish. Not to say this is not possible with wooden doors, it is much easier to undo a design flaw on plastic.


In Conclusion

The rules that used to hold back creativity when it comes to garage doors will further be overlooked. Thanks to high-paying careers in technology, more young members of the population should be in a position to make decisions as to how the garage door they see each time they get home makes them feel. Bold colours on the entire garage door are a clear sign of the sign of things changing, as is a mixture of tones we’d never have expected a handful of years back.

If you’re thinking of what to paint on your garage door, the very first idea is as good as what you come with an hour later. From bookcases painted right onto the garage door’s entire surface to just words. It will be hard to tell what is graffiti and what isn’t. At the end of the day, you decide the mood and attitude that your door exudes each time you look at it.

For garage door concerns, call Garage Door Repairs today!

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How To Automate Your Garage Door On A Budget

Ever wonder how it would be to automate your garage door? By now you’d expect every garage door in Canada to be automated to some degree. Still, you’d be shocked how inconvenient a sizeable lot of us have to live with completely automated garage doors. 

The pain of getting out of the car, even when it’s raining or snowing, just to open the door and park the car safely, is real. We hope to share a little trickery and tips on how you can automate your garage door for way less than you can afford.


Here’s What You Will Need

To start with, you‘ll need the right outlook on what is possible and what stands only to be seen on television. That is to say, the basic things a garage door can do are only what can be automated, the rest are additional functions.

A garage door, basically, opens and closes. Just that motion protects and gives access to things stored inside to those authorized. Think of ways you can make that a smart device and you have the best start. Let’s discuss that bit before everything else.

Sticking with the theme of not spending more than you would need to fill your car with fuel for the month (a couple hundred), your smartphone will have to come into play on most of the automation methods we’ll discuss. You will find plenty of other methods that suggest buying and programming a Raspberry Pi device, but let’s not complicate things we’d rather have everyone able and willing to do.

So, with the garage door and a smartphone (Android or iOS), you should be in a good position to automate your garage door. And you haven’t bought anything just yet. 

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How To Choose A Garage Door Automation System

These are just two (well, three with the raspberry pi option) well-known garage door automation methods that are commonly used in Canada. There are, however, over a dozen others you can investigate and probably find a liking with. Your situation eventually decides what you settle with, but here are some considerations before you go out spending on the wrong one.

Garage Door Connectivity Technology Used

Some systems will use wifi, while others will opt for Bluetooth only connectivity. If the option of wifi seems unreasonable (say you don’t need wifi at home), then Bluetooth versions may be closer to your ideal systems. They usually mean lesser features and functionality beyond opening and closing the garage door. 

The same applies when looking at how close the garage door opener is installed with relation to the wifi router. It would cancel out the purpose of automation if you installed a new opener only to discover that it is too far away from the internet source.

Your Type of Garage Door

Depending on the type of garage door you have installed, some garage door openers are simply not compatible with the form or arch of opening, among other things. For this reason, whichever garage door automation system you feel compelled to add to your current setup, make sure to check with the manufacturer first as each case stands out.

Naturally. In the event that it requires a new garage door, consulting with industry specialists often leads to an amicable solution for whichever unique garage fashion you have made for the house. 

As you must have appreciated by now, you don’t have to fear unknown costs before going forward with the idea of automating your garage door. Sometimes it just means paying what a night out would amount to, or less, and you’d not have to worry about who is going to open the garage door when you approach the house.

The benefits that come lined with each automation point you add to the entire system, such as extra security, will never be paid for at value. Yet they are worth every effort put towards turning your home, and garage door into a single unit that makes living there a pleasure.

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How To Repair A Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

Was there a time when your Chamberlain garage door opener stops functioning properly? There could be many reasons for this. But most of the time, the problem is very simple and you can repair the garage door opener yourself. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common problems that you will encounter with your Chamberlain garage door opener. Also, we will share with you the steps to do repairs for the issues. If in the end, none of the suggestions we have provided seem to work, then you should consider getting a professional who can look further into the problem of your Chamberlain garage door opener. 

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Garage Door Installation Cost


The Wall Switch and Remote Control Can’t Operate the Opener

If you are experiencing problems with your garage door not opening when you press the remote or wall switch, then the issue could be the power source. It is possible that there is a disruption in the power source. For this issue, check if the motor unit is plugged or unplugged. See to it that the cord has been plugged thoroughly all the way. 

Other possible culprits in this problem are the GFCI, fuse, or circuit breaker. These things control the garage door opener circuit. You need to check if they have been burned out or tripped. To do this, check the other electrical circuits or lights in your garage and see if they are working well. If they are not, then this might be the cause. 

To remedy this problem, reset the GFCI or breaker. You will also need to replace the fuse that has been burned out. Try to observe if the GFCI or circuit breaker has been repeatedly tripping. It is because it could be a sign that somewhen in your system, there’s a short circuit. 

Lastly, the motor of the garage door opener may have burned out that’s why it’s not functioning anymore. If this is the case, then the next thing you should do would be to call a garage door repair service so that they can replace the motor. 


The Garage Door is not Responding to the Remote Control 

If this is the problem of your Chamberlain garage door opener, then there are several solutions that you can try to make them work again. 

The first thing you can do is to move closer towards the door. Maybe you are simply out of range. Today’s garage doors operate at somewhere about 315mH. It means that just a few feet away from the range can greatly affect the signal. 

If that doesn’t solve the problem, then make sure that the motor unit’s antenna hangs downward. Also, check if the antenna has been damaged in any way. Another way to fix your Chamberlain garage door opener is to see if your door works just fine using the wall switch. If this is the case, then maybe the remote’s batteries need replacement. 

You may also reprogram your garage door remote. It has sensitive electronics inside so it is possible that the programming has been lost and only needs to be reset. Remember though that every garage door opener will be different when it comes to reprogramming it. It is best that you check the instructions first. To be sure, you can do a quick search online for the procedure for your specific opener. 


How To Choose A Garage Door Opener Remote


Garage Door Won’t Completely Open

When your Chamberlain garage door opener causes your garage door to open but only partially, then there may be two likely causes to it. The first one is that you may need to move the up-limit switch closer to the motor unit. 

This particular switch is a touch-lever that is mounted near the motor unit around the end of the track. If the switch is far, then the motor will not continue to open the garage door fully. 

The best solution here is to move that switch nearer to the motor unit. This kind of problem is not that common. But if it is the case, then you can follow these tips and check if it will make the garage door open fully. 

The second cause of why the garage door won’t completely open would be damaged rollers. Inspect the rollers if there is any damage. You can then lubricate the ones that are already rusty. That should do the trick and you’ll be able to have your garage doors open completely. 

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These are some of the common problems that you’ll encounter with garage door openers. Hopefully, the tips we’ve provided will be able to help you out in fixing your Chamberlain garage door opener. If you feel that the damage is too big or that the problem is too complicated, you can always call the experts who can help you with your garage door problems.

How To Choose A Garage Door Opener Remote

It can be handy to prepare an additional garage door opener remote. However, when it comes to choosing which remote to buy, it can be a little challenging. Every manufacturer can provide you with replacements for broken or lost garage door opener remote. Also, there are now universal remotes that will give you plenty of options. 

Before you buy your garage door opener remote, there are some things that you need to check first. For example, you need to know what features of the remote you need as well as the size. For a full-size garage door opener remote, you can clip it onto your car visor. 

However, while this may be convenient, it can also be a security risk in the event that the vehicle is stolen. There are also mini garage door opener remotes that you can clip onto the key chain. It will operate in the same way as a full-size garage remote. Let’s take a look at the other factors to consider when choosing a garage door opener remote. 

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Checking the Garage Door Opener Remote Information

The first thing that you have to do before you buy the remote is to check for the model and manufacturer information first. You can find this on the motor unit located on your garage ceiling. You may also check the external receiver which can be found not far from the wire antenna. 

When you know the information about the model and manufacturer, you are now more ready to buy a replacement for your garage door opener remote. Make sure that you match the brand with the model number. As much as possible, only buy the remote from a sales representative of the maker, the local hardware store, or shop for it online from trusted sellers.


How To Choose A Garage Door Opener Remote



Getting a Universal Garage Door Opener Remote

If you are having a tough time getting an exact model from the manufacturer for your remote, you can always go for a universal one. You can program the remote so that you can use it. These universal remotes will work on most brands, especially for newer models. 

However, before you buy a universal remote for your garage door, you will still need certain information such as the manufacturer of the remote. It is to ensure that you can program the remote and it will work well for the garage door. 

Universal garage door opener remotes can be programmed so you can open not just one but even two doors of your garage. It has a switch for the light control and you can also turn on the home lights and the garage lights with it. 

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Checking the Buttons of the Remote

The garage door remote may have several buttons. It depends on the number of devices that you would like to control it with. For example, if you have a couple of garage doors as well as garage lights that are remote-controlled, then you will have a remote with three buttons. 

For controlling a garage door and a light switch, or for controlling two garage doors, then you only need two buttons. The buttons of the remotes may vary but they can have up to as many as four buttons. 


How to Program the Remote

If you bought a specific remote for the garage door’s particular brand, then programming the remote will be simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to press and hold and release the remote’s buttons. The pattern as to how this is done is specified in the remote’s instructions. The remote will then determine automatically the appropriate radio frequencies to connect with the garage door opener. 

As for universal garage door opener remotes, there will be a few other steps that you need to take to program it. First is you need to set the remote’s dip switches. It is to indicate the brand of the garage door opener. After that, you need to set the radio frequencies. The universal remote will come with all the instructions you need to program it. All you have to do is to follow the instructions thoroughly. 

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Replacing the Opener with Wireless Keypads

The garage door opener can be replaced with wireless keypads. These keypads are capable of opening as many as three garage doors or gates. Usually, wireless keypads are mounted outside of the garage. It is done this way so that other family members who may not have a garage door opener remote may be able to open the garage door. 

Wireless keypads need a security code so that you can open the garage. It is convenient especially if you have forgotten or lost the remote. It is also great for the temporary use of service people or guests in your home. 



To get a replacement for your garage door opener remote, you will need the model and the manufacturer so that you can get the exact replacement. However, if you can no longer retrieve such information, the best way to go would be to get a universal remote. With just a few steps to program the remote with your garage door opener, you are set to go in and out smoothly of your garage. 

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How to Fix a Broken Garage Door in Canada

Garage doors are large working elements of your home even if you may not know it. Think about this, your garage door is most likely the largest entrance to your home. Of course, many of us do not care about it since it just leads to where vehicles are kept or old belongings are dumped.

Let alone how to fix a broken garage door when it eventually needs attention. However, a garage door has its own significance, even though it may not be as boastful as that of the front door. 

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How does a garage door get broken?

There are common, everyday problems that occur with garage doors. Before looking for a quick solution to these issues, it is important to understand a bit more about garage doors and how they work, as well as what could cause them damage. As they say, prevention is better than cure. More often than not, knowing the cause makes it easier to solve a problem.

It makes perfect sense to know everything about your particular garage door before you start poking and pulling at it when it gets broken. Now let’s look at the basic components of a garage door in order to get an idea of where the issue may be coming from. Garage door hardware is not common knowledge to the best of us but depending on your type of door, the components may include one or more springs, hinges, lifting cables, door rollers, and door tracks.


A spring serves as a way to counter the weight of garage doors which are often made of heavy material such as wood, steel, aluminum or fibreglass. A heavy door would be a bit difficult for anyone to lift if not for springs (it probably wouldn’t be difficult for The Rock though).  The spring is usually one large coil attached at the top of the door which aids in opening and closing it, even with one hand.

Lifting cables

Often attached to the spring is a lifting cable. This is a thick cable usually made of galvanized steel for strength and durability since it resists corrosion. It also helps in the opening and closing of the garage door. Unlike what others say, these are not elastic. They, however, allow for a more flexible movement since they can deform and straighten with easy, regardless of their tensile strength.


If your door is a sectional one, it will have hinges that hold each section in place and aid in bending when the garage door is opened or closed. A good quality door would have double hinges to better hold each section.

Door tracks

The garage door has metal pieces secured to its side and these are called door tracks. They are usually attached to the ceiling of the garage and help the door open and close easily.

Door rollers

These are found inside the door tracks. Door rollers are small wheels which turn freely inside the door tracks whenever the garage door is used.

Each of these components serves its purpose, and if any one of them is to break, snap or get damaged, the entire garage door can come crashing down. For one, the spring can be considered one of the most important components. In the event your garage door spring breaks (this is likely to happen eventually), there will be no mistaking it.

It will definitely make a loud noise and because there might still be some tension left in the spring, it is not advisable to try to open the garage door. At this point, the spring could cause the door to be knocked off its tracks and even knock you down in the process. For safety, you should rather call a professional to check out the door spring.

Secondly, since garage doors are held by cables, it often occurs that these slowly tear due to long usage or the stress placed on them by the heavy doors. This is why lifting cables need to be as strong and durable as possible to withstand snapping easily. Further, a cable can also break due to the tension it experiences once the door spring breaks. 

The case may be different depending on the cables that broke; if only one cable is broken, one side of the door will seem to sag to the side. If you open your garage door and one side seems lower or heavier, it is likely that a cable has broken. A more serious case is if all the cables are broken. In this situation, opening the garage door will cause it to drop completely so be careful not to stand too close to the door or allow anyone close to it if you notice any of these signs.

Thirdly, garage door rollers can become stuck and stop turning properly which can remove the door from its tracks. In this case, it is better to leave the door as it is to prevent further damage such as the spring or cables breaking. But if the rollers are stuck, they probably just need to be cleaned, lubricated or replaced.  

If the issue is with the garage door opener, the likely cases include the door reopening after being closed or the opener running and the door not opening. These are usually caused by sensor issues.

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Types of garage doors

The truth is, you will probably never pay attention to the garage door until something goes wrong with it or it gets broken. In this case, you need to be sure what type of door it is before attempting to fix it. There’s no point in reading a whole guide on fixing a garage door only to find it is not tailored to your specific type of door. But rest assured, here we will cover all you need to know about different types of garage doors and how to fix them.

Roll-up garage doors

If you’ve ever seen one of those action movies where the bad guys (or sometimes the good guys) are running towards a garage door that is just about to close and they quickly slide under it just in time to avoid being crushed…well then you have a good idea of what a roll-up garage door is. This type of door is made of horizontal slats and it works by curving and bending around a barrel which is at the top of the garage door opening.

Slide-to-the-side garage doors

These are basically “sliding doors” without the glass. A slide-to-the-side garage door works by moving parallel to the garage wall. They are preferred if your garage does not have enough space in the ceiling to accommodate a roll-up door or other types that run vertically. Since these are one of the oldest types, they may not be so common today. 

Swing out garage door

Unlike the usual garage doors that either move up or to the side, a swing-out garage door…swings out. Okay, that may not be explanation enough but basically, these doors have hinges on the sides which attach them to the wall. The door is swung open either inwards or outwards like a typical barn door. A similar type of garage door is one that swings up in one piece. That is, the whole door is lifted up at once.    

Sectional garage doors

Another type of door that puts hinges to good use is a sectional garage door. The door is divided into sections joined together by hinges. When the door is opened, each section bends with the aid of the hinges until the door reaches the top of the garage door opening. Thereafter, the door will bend onto the horizontal track in the ceiling and start moving parallel to it.


Fixing a broken garage door

Most garage door problems are associated with their springs, although other issues have to do with the garage door opener.  Now that you have a good idea of the different types of doors and the common problems associated with them, here are some factors to consider in repairing a broken garage door:

  1. Check whether the mounting brackets that hold the door tracks to the walls are loose. Any loose screws or bolts should be tightened so that the tracks will be back in their correct position. Also, check whether there are any damaged spots. If found, you will need to hammer them out but if the tracks cannot be salvaged, they should be replaced completely to prevent further damage and personal injuries.
  2. Especially for garage doors such as slide-to-the-side and roll-up doors, you will need to check for misalignment in the tracks. You can do this using a level to determine whether the horizontal tracks slant slightly down towards the back of the garage and for roll-up doors if the vertical tracks are straight. If you find that the tracks are misaligned, you need to slightly loosen the screws and hit the tracks back into place, and then tighten the screws back.  
  3. Since each type of door has its different hardware components, you should examine these based on your garage door type. For a broken roll-up or sectional door, check the hinges that hold the door in place and the sections together; ensure they are not coming loose and tighten them if they are. A broken swing-up door will need to be examined for its spring and the plates the spring is mounted on. However, when dealing with spring issues, if your garage door is held by a single torsion spring, do not try to alter it. The spring is powerful enough to knock you off. In this case, it is safer to get a professional repair service. Also, the hinges holding it in place will need to be serviced or replaced completely depending on the level of damage.
  4. If your garage door runs on rollers (small wheels) and they become stuck or don’t run properly on the track, you should clean them out to remove any dirt or grease that may be preventing smooth running. Also, the track may need to be better lubricated so that the rollers can run uninterruptedly.
  5. Examine the pulleys and lifting cables of your garage door. It is normal for cables and pulleys to wear out so if you find that the cables are tearing or are already broken, the best thing to do is to get them replaced.
  6. If the auto-reverse feature of your garage door opener does not work properly, it needs to be replaced as this is a precautionary system designed to ensure the door is automatically reversed and lifted if it cannot successfully reach the floor.  When this feature is dysfunctional, the door will likely remain suspended midway, placing more stress on the spring and lifting cables.
  7. If you find that the motor of your door opener has to work extra hard to get the door moving, then it is likely that the spring is worn out and needs to be replaced.

From the above, it is clear that spring issues are one of the most common and risky problems related to garage doors. A garage door with a broken spring should not be opened until the spring has been repaired by a professional. In the event you need to open the door before the repairer gets there, ensure you have someone to help you lift the door so that you maintain an equal balance by carrying it together. 

Although the major reason you might want to fix your garage door is to get rid of that annoying sound coming from the broken spring or hinge, or just to get it working again, the biggest concern should be that of you and your loved ones’ safety. If a broken door is not fixed in time, perhaps a hinge or cable is broken, that door can eventually fall on someone. Generally, no one should be allowed to stay around the broken garage door, especially not directly under it.

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How to Save Money on Garage Door Repairs

If you have a busted garage door, then garage door repairs is a must! After all, garage doors are often the main entrance of your home and inevitably the largest. Although the importance of the garage door is underrated, it is necessary to ensure it functions properly. Garage door repairs are necessary as a dysfunctional door eventually leads to personal injury and great frustration.

In order to save money on garage door repairs, you first need to know the type of garage door you are working with. There are several types that can be found in homes today, some traditional and others more modern.

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We even have garage doors made out of glass now although it is probably not a wise option if you have really expensive cars, you wouldn’t want thieves constantly tempted to break into your garage to steal that Ferrari. Nonetheless, here are some of the most common garage door types:

Most Common Garage Door Types

Swing-up garage door

This garage door type basically tilts up in one piece. It is lifted up all at once when opened and this mechanism often works with a garage door opener that uses a motor to get the door to open automatically. Any repairs made to this type of door is likely to involve the spring or the lifting cables.

Roll-up garage door

A roll-up garage door, as the name implies, rolls up the tracks on the sides of the door. At the top of the garage door opening, there is a barrel around which the door bends as it rolls up. This type of door is more traditional than modern although there are some newer versions. The modern types often work with sensors to detect when there is someone or something directly under the door to prevent injury or accidents. Repairing a roll-up garage door may involve any one of the pulleys, lifting cables or tracks.

Slide-to-the-side garage door

This door type can be likened to a sliding glass door. Although they are not so common today, they are useful if your garage does not have much ceiling room and cannot accommodate vertically-running doors such as the roll-up garage door. The slide-to-the-side door runs parallel to the garage wall. The common problems usually associated with this type of door involves the door tracks and rollers. The rollers may not run smoothly which indicates a need for lubrication, or if the tracks are totally damaged, a replacement.

Sectional garage door

Some garage doors are divided into sections that semi-fold as the door is lifted up. When the garage door is opened, each section first moves vertically and then bends and moves parallel to the ceiling. This is made possible by the hinges which join each section, hence, the most likely issue that may occur if you use a sectional garage door is broken or rusted hinges. Although such issues can be as a result of wear and tear, the garage door can also be spoilt by misusage or a broken spring as well, making the door even heavier to lift and placing a greater strain on the lifting mechanism.

Swing-out garage door

Much like a barn door, this garage door type is a double door that swings open either inward or outward. It is a more traditional door with hinges on the sides which attach them to the wall. Similar to the sectional type, the most likely issue will be with the hinges.


Things to Remember

When getting garage door repairs, you need to ensure you are repairing the right components to prevent further repairs. For instance, if your garage door is misbehaving, perhaps making loud whining noises or is unusually heavy and the motor has to work extra hard to lift it, then it is likely that the spring is broken or there is an issue with the lifting cables.

Of course, when you think of saving money on garage door repairs, the first option that comes to mind is repairing it yourself. Although this is all good and fair, this option depends on how serious the issue is. If you happen to be at home and you hear a loud sound coming from the garage door, it is likely that the spring just broke. Now, when dealing with a broken spring, it is advisable to stay away and call on a professional. 

Do not try to repair the spring as it may still have some tension that could knock you off unexpectedly. This is best left for someone with experience. You may only proceed to touch the door after the spring has been repaired and perhaps work on any other issues that occurred as a result of the broken spring.

For one, when the spring breaks, any of the lifting cables may also snap since the door will be much heavier. Springs are the reason a garage door can easily be lifted manually, even with one hand. This is why, if you find that your garage door is extremely heavy to lift or the motor has to work extra hard to open the door, then a quick guess is that the garage door spring is broken.

When this happens, the lifting cables will have greater strain placed on them when lifting the door which can cause them to snap as well. These are safer to repair yourself once you know how to. However, don’t be deceived by all DIY videos, it is not everything you can fix yourself. Some hardware components require special attention while others just need a quick tweaking or simple replacement. With these, you can save costs by repairing them yourself.

For more complex issues, the best way to save money on repairs is to compare different repair services and determine the most cost-effective (without compromising on quality). To select the best repair service that will get the job done well and not leave you needing further repairs, you should enquire about their quoted prices.

Ask if this price covers parts, labour, and the duration.  The repair service should also offer a warranty on labour. Also, you need to educate yourself on the average costs of repairs based on the type of repair service required. This is so you don’t end up spending more than you actually need due to a lack of proper research. Reading this article means you’re on the right track and will not be deceived by extremely low costs or extremely high costs of repairs.


Actual costs of garage door repairs

A number of different issues may occur with garage doors. This is because they are used often with little or no maintenance. These issues may be related to the spring, cables, locks, sensors, tracks or even the garage door opener. Before heading out to choose a repair service, keep in mind that the average cost to repair a garage door varies, and there may be additional costs depending on the type of repair needed. Here is a breakdown of the actual costs of repairs based on the components affected.

1. Garage Door Spring Repairs

This is the most common garage door repairs fix needed as springs have a limited lifespan and will need replacement sooner or later. Springs generally have a lifespan of 10,000 cycles so if there about 6 cycles per day, the spring will last for 5 years. Depending on the type of spring and the type of door itself, you will be spending between $50 and $290 on repairs. For a damaged torsion spring, you will need $200 to $290 to repair or if necessary, to replace it. On the other hand, extension springs are less costly ranging from $50 to $95 to replace.

Further, to repair a spring in a roll-up door, you will need about $200 to $250 while for a tilt-up door, repairs cost $150 to $200.

2. Garage Door Opener repairs

Garage door openers secure entry to the house and on average, repairing one will cost about $150. It can also be as low as $100 and as high as $200. However, if the opener cannot be repaired, you will need between $300 to $500 to replace it.

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3. Cables or Chains Repairs

Cables and chains lift and lower the garage door and if one of these cables breaks, the door could fall down and injure someone. This can be prevented by installing safety cables. To get a professional to repair damaged cables or chains, keep aside a small budget for both parts and professional labour. Nothing more than a thousand dollars.

4. Garage Door Sensors Repairs

It is of great importance that the sensors are properly functioning. Not only to prevent accidents or injury but to ensure the door closes all the way and does not stop midway for no good reason. Damaged sensors cost about $85 to $100 to repair.

5. Garage Door Panel Repairs

The garage door panel is one of the most expensive to repair as it will likely involve replacement. For newer garage door types, it may cost anything between $250 to $800 to replace a damaged panel.

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Garage door maintenance

In essence, another important factor to consider in your quest to save money on repairs is to properly maintain your garage door. Garage doors tend to be neglected because they are associated with that part of the house that barely requires much maintenance since it is just a place for cars to be kept or old belongings to be dumped. 

Not only will keeping a regular maintenance schedule prevent you from spending on several door repairs, but it will also prevent accidents that will bring harm to you or your loved ones. The same way you carry out other home maintenance is how you should ensure your garage door is well taken care of.

For one, if your garage door rollers are chipped or worn, be sure to replace them as they can never be effective if they are at all damaged. However, by yourself, you can only replace rollers that are not attached to cables. The bottom rollers are often connected to cables so these should be replaced by a professional as the cables have high tension. 

Generally, garage door rollers should be replaced every 5-7 years so regardless of little or no damages, you should endeavour to replace them so they operate at their best. Also, the tracks may cause the rollers not to run smoothly. Keep the tracks clean and free of debris or dust. The tracks may start to rust if they have been used for too long without proper maintenance. You can use a brake cleaner or a carburetor spray to clean the tracks; these can be purchased for $6 and $5 respectively.

Pay close attention to the way your garage door sounds. A noisy or screechy door should be a cause for concern so do not disregard any noises each time you open or close the door. Often, they are the greatest indicators that something in the door needs to be repaired or replaced. Try not to be oblivious to warning signs. 

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Furthermore, with regular usage, the screws and hinges of the door are likely to loosen or rust. For loose screws, you can easily tighten them so they don’t come off completely. This will only take a few minutes – a stitch in time saves nine.

Regularly checking for loose screws and tightening them will prevent further repairs in the future. Do not neglect hinges either, you can lubricate them using WD-40 which you can purchase for just about $5.

Nowadays, garage doors have sensors which serve to ensure the door does not close with someone or something directly under it. A simple way to check if the sensor is working properly is to place an object directly under the open door (inanimate of course, not your neighbour’s cat) and close it.

Watch to see if the door automatically reverses when it touches the object or stops before reaching the object. Properly aligned sensors will have their lights on and if you find that your sensors are not working, you can get a replacement for about $40.

Finally, you will need to conduct a visual inspection of the entire garage door. Check that the paint is not peeling and if it is, you should repaint it but prepare the surface beforehand based on the type of material the door is made of. Any rust found should be removed by sanding and ensure the door is kept clean.

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