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Garage Door Ideas For Modern Homes  

Gone are the days when the garage door ideas were only that it waited to open for the car and keep shut as a storage space lid. If you’re into the modern household living, then you know that your garage door and space around it can be used to make design statements that make it worth just pulling up and taking a picture of the facade now and then. Not that there is any shortage for garage door inspiration, but we compiled some trending garage door ideas that you could look into implementing for different finishes and statements. Enjoy!

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1. Faux Wood Finished Garage Door

Even when the garage door is metallic, not made from fibre-glass or even metal, you can bring the stable style wooden finish with a little creativity. Because not many people will want to touch the gate from the curb where they see it, you can play around with texture and colours to get the look you want.

Consider adding some fake hinges, and you have what would have been perfect if it were made from wood. Only you still have the look but none of the flammable side of tree-derived garage doors. 


2. A Play With Garage Door Lights

Now, if you often get home when the sun has long set, then you’ll know how important the lights are. Some houses only have the two lights on either side of the entrance to guide you on where the opening ends, but you can do more. Consider placing lights on the top part of the opening instead, for more of a spotlight feel.

The walls do a great job guiding the car inside after all. If you’ve thought of having lights on the garage door itself, that would be some interesting engineering for the contractor. For one, how would they keep the lights on when the door is moving, will a longer than needed wiring cable be called for? Those are things that your guests will have spinning in their heads when you invite them over. 


3. Add A Smaller Door To The Big one

Instead of having a smaller aperture in the wall next to the garage door opening, how about just adding the auxiliary opening right into the garage door itself? This way, there are fewer security concerns, especially when the smaller door is only manually accessible from the inside or through a pin combination when you approach from outside. Making that opening of different colours further adds modern design processing to the overall look. 


4. Glass And Mirrors On Garage Doors

If you practically pull up to a house of glass, continuing with the theme when it comes to the garage door makes perfect sense. Even for cases where the rest of the house is anything other than glass, the reflective mirror finish on a garage door makes bold statements very few dare to suggest. By the way, it won’t have to be glass-fragile material used for the reflective surface, many polished smooth metals will do. 


5. Add A Threshold To The Opening

Tired of standing in the snow and rain as you yank the garage door up when you get home from an outing, a threshold will be at your rescue. This project, while small, is best left to the pros. You cannot risk any collapse of the supportive structure when the snow load of precipitation surpasses the structural integrity of the material you chose to construct it out of. 


6. Go Retro

If you want to make that statement people will talk about days after they have left your house, go retro. A function-first gate. Arch-shaped, wooden finished, and if you don’t mind, requiring manual effort to gain entrance into will bring the nostalgic feeling that evokes memories you can brew with your visitors.  If the idea of wood is not on the table, you can still achieve this look and feel by creatively crafting the material of your choosing.


7. Make The Space Wider

If you park two vehicles into the garage space, then making the aperture wider can enhance its look and functionality. For one, you wouldn’t have to worry about the door hitting into the next car when you came in last. You also get a wider area to artistically make a statement with an even wider garage door. If you have a smart car or are certain that the space you have is too wide, doing the opposite works the same. Imagine having doors of the same width for visitors as for your vehicle. 


8. A Play With Lines And Shapes

Say you have horizontal blocks as a stone finish for your home’s facade, continuing the pattern with horizontally themed wooden boards removes parallax. If you’re going for parallax, then an opposite flowing pattern can be the way to go. Some houses will match the shape of pavers on the driveway with that of the garage door, much to the delight of visitors and everyone passing by. 


9. A Garage Door That Continues With The Wall

Imagine having a garage door that disappears into the front wall. This would have to be a project invested in technology and carried out by someone experienced. The door moves back first then slides up or rolls into a bundle above the opening. The look and texture will have to be exactly as the sidewalls. This magic door easily starts conversations and instills the idea that you are moving with the times.


10. Metallic Garage Door

You won’t have to get too creative to make a statement. A metallic gate, solid in both appearance and feel can make a strong starting sentence to how you did it. A little artistry to show that the design and decision are intentional goes a long way making the rest of the house as secure as the door itself. Because your garage door can have two layers, you can as well play an illusion on everyone and have a thin metallic outward layer, paired with a lightweight carbon-based internal layer. 


In Conclusion

You’d expect the design of the garage door to go with what it is the owner of the house does for a living. For instance, the high technology kind of gate would go well with those working in the field.

While a security consultant would go with the solid and safety assurance that comes with metal finishes. Age too comes into context. The more playful garage door types, with bright colours as opposed to the normal trend, can immediately suggest the age group that abides within the walls of the building.

When considering the finish and design to go with, there are a few things to keep in mind. Worth mentioning is the final weight of the garage door. That solid metal door idea, although popular, means most of the lifting will be by a strong motor, which affects the total cost of the project.

Conversely, the glass garage door will be light but suddenly stops, birds flying into, or kids getting too close all invoke the fear that it could crack and hurt someone. Energy efficiency levels to have to be considered. In essence, there has to be more thought invested in it than what you’ll wear on a Saturday afternoon. 

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