Garage Door Types: What are the Popular Garage Door Styles?

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Garage Door Types: What are the Popular Garage Door Styles?

We all know how significant is a door to our house, right? It serves as an exterior barrier, a thing that opens and closes the houses. A thing that protects your security and safety. Front entry doors always catch everyone’s attention. As it is the first thing that we see before entering or going out of the house.

Every front door in every house is designed and made uniquely. It has the decoratives and fancy styles which make it more appealing. Same with your garage door that occupies almost 25% to 50% of the front facade of your house. Your garage door can either break or boost your home curb appeal. 

Let’s admit it. If your home has a front-facing garage, the more possibilities that it will be exposed to everyone. Since a garage door is huge enough to catch the attention of all the passers-by. With that, you may want to choose carefully when planning to install or replace your garage door.

Most especially if you have a real estate business, an appealing garage door can be easily spotted by potential buyers. Aside from the designs, you should also need to choose wisely what type of garage door is well-suited to your house.

When it comes to garage door types, you can choose from a wide range of options. Some of the most common types of garage doors are slide to the side, roll-up, sectional, side hinged, tilt-up retractable and tilt-up canopy.

After deciding the kind of garage door, you must also decide the materials, colour, finishing and special features. 

Choosing a type of garage makes your head spin a bit as you can categorize them from sizes, materials to how it opens. But worry not because we are going to breakdown the different types of garage doors in the simplest form. So you can decide wisely what to choose from the list.

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Garage Door Types: What Garage Door is Perfect to your Home?


Sectional Garage Door


A sectional garage door is designed and made up of panel sections that are held together with hinges. These hinges make the garage door panel to move and bend so it can open. Also, as the garage door opens, the wheels attached at the edge of each panel move inside a vertical track on both sides. 

The sectional garage door moves up in a vertical track, then it bends and runs on a parallel way up to the ceiling. The hinges also allow the door to go in line with the walls when it was completely closed. That’s how sectional garage door works.

Sectional garage doors are usually made from steel. These are also low in maintenance. You can customize it as well if you want to add textures, colours, window inserts, and other hardware. This type of garage door also comes in two models, an insulated and non-insulated one.


Roll-up Garage Door


A roll-up garage door or coiling doors is like a paper rolled into a cylinder form. This kind of garage door type is most common in commercial buildings than residential ones. As commercial buildings, particularly those small ones have only limited ceiling space. Since this garage door rolls-up, it can only occupy little space. 

This type of garage door is made with 2″-3″ steel slat sections that roll up easily around the so-called drum. 

A roll-up garage door has high-performance units and is built to withstand heavy usage. It is designed without springs or enclosed to prevent rusting and corrosion. Since this garage door has a heavy-duty nature, the upfront cost of it is higher than the sectional type.

If you are asking how it works, here it is. When you open a roll-up garage door, it starts rolling around a barrel or drum located above the door opening. It works easily because the garage door is made of horizontal slats allowing it to curve and bend.


Slide-to-slide Garage Door


Slide to the side garage door is one of the earliest types of garage doors. The reason why this one is not so common nowadays. Although there are still a few homes with this kind of garage door. Slide-to-slide door is commonly used in a garage with little headroom.

I know you are curious now about how this garage door opens. Well, this garage door works just like what its name implies. Unlike other garage doors that run and bend upwards your ceiling, this one slides to the side. It slides to the one side part of the garage doors bending and running parallel to the wall. Also, it does not require some balancing strips since it has a built-in retractable motor that is operated automatically. 


Side-hinged Garage Door


A side-hinged garage door is one of the classic styles of a garage door. It is also called as swing-out the garage door. This type of garage door merely resembles large barn doors that are usually made of wood. Although, some of this is also made of galvanized steel commercial types of doors. 

Unlike the other garage door types with hinges between the panel sections, this one has on its side. This garage doors swing open and close from a hinged frame on the side of the garage opening, rather than upwards. Another thing is, you can customize its hinges to swing either inwards or outwards for your home.

This garage door type is the most common one lately especially for some garages with limited headroom. You can purchase this in a pre-hung steel frame or you can fit it into your existing garage openings. You can also add automated special conversion arms in its feature. 


Tilt-Up Garage Door


Unlike sectional garage and slide-to-the-side doors, tilt-up garage doors don’t have sections as they are made of one solid object. From the title itself, they tilt up and into your garage when opening. There are two kinds of tilt-up garage doors, these are the tilt-up canopy garage door and tilt-up retractable garage door.

  1. Tilt-up canopy garage door: It is the more common and popular tilt-up garage door style. It has a pivoting hinge mechanism that makes the door move upward and slide back parallel to the garage ceiling. Then, when the door opens, it sits parallel to the ceiling and a small portion of the door extends past the frontal facade of your home. 
  2. Tilt-up retractable garage door: Tilt-up retractable garage door works similarly to a canopy garage door. The only difference is, it has no small portion that extends past in the frontal facade when it’s open. Its door is suspended independently from its frame. Also, the tilt-up retractable garage door occupies more space than the tilt-up canopy garage door. Many homeowners choose this type of garage door, however, it is more complicated to operate as compared to other types. Also, when it comes to cost, this one is more expensive.

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Final Thoughts

In choosing the right garage door types, you should consider your needs as well as the style of your garage. Besides, there are different types of garage doors to opt-in. You can categorize them from their features, style, colour, materials and how they work. 

If you are planning to install, replace or repair your garage doors, feel free to contact us. You can also visit our site Canada Garage Doors. We are more than willing to serve you!

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