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How many buttons does your garage door remote Richmond Hill have? Most remotes have just one button. This is sensible as you always need a remote to simply open and close your door.

However, garage door remotes are made these days with a larger variety of functions in mind. A remote can come with two buttons to control two separate doors on your property. This is perfect if you have a property that uses multiple doors linked to the same opener.

A second button may also be used to set a timer to get the door closed up automatically. This could work at times when you’ve got to secure your door and get it closed up within a few minutes after using it.

You can even get a separate button on a remote to lock up your door. This will create a trigger that keeps other remotes linked to your opener from being able to open or close your door.

But what happens when your garage door remote isn’t working? Sometimes it’s because your remote is malfunctioning. In other cases it’s from the door itself not reading the signals properly. Its sensor may not be capable of reading perfectly functioning remotes.

No matter how many buttons your garage door remote Richmond Hill has, you can contact us for help with fixing your remote. We offer a great service where we can repair and retune your remote. We can also check on how your opener is reading signals to see if the problem is there.

In addition to repairs, we can provide you with new garage door remotes. These include two and three-button remotes with more functions available in them.

Get your garage door remote needs serviced through us at Garage Door Repair Richmond Hill. It doesn’t matter how many buttons you need in your remote. We will help you with getting it to work properly.

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