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Garage Renovation Cost in Toronto

We may have never witnessed the days when cars were best kept under the tree when shade was the biggest concern when parking vehicles for the then drivers, but it still is a concern to have a dedicated parking space for our beloved cars. The garage. A room that has evolved into a smart space of its own with devices that make life so much easier, and improves the safety of our vehicles as we sleep the night away. 

How much convenience does your garage provide you with? Should you ever be looking to renovate the garage towards more safety, parking ease and other perks, we have suggestions, and cost estimates to get you moving in the right direction.

Garage Renovation Ideas

There are plenty of upgrade areas you can invest in when renovating the garage. Before we share some of these ideas, consider how easy it is to get funding from the bank for such work and open your mind to new ideas. Let’s take the floor to roof approach to the process. 

High Tech Garage Update ideas

Because we’re seldom in the garage as much as our bedrooms, comfort is the last thing we come up with, but the car also deserves a floor other than the usually hard, non-absorbent layer left for it to park. Imagine your car has a nasty oil leak overnight (reasons are a completely new article) and you wake to the unsightly spill. How long the garage will reek of used oil depends on the floor surface. Ask a garage repairs company near you if they have the Racedeck Garage Floor option. 

The Racedeck Interlocking Garage Floor quickly turns any garage floor into a racetrack quality garage floor with the following attributes;

  • An easy to clean surface,
  • An aesthetically pleasing surface custom to your preferences,
  • A surface that doesn’t dent tools when they drop to the floor,
  • A surface built to counter any awful substance odours associated with car garages,

You could stop right there and experience an environment you’d spend more time hanging out in for just a few hundred if you decide to install the floor on your own. They’re readily available on Amazon. If you have more than one car parked in your garage, chances are the other one, less use of the lot may discharge over time. There are innovations that will turn your garage into more than a storage place when it comes to dealing with batteries. Enter the Duracell PowerPack. 

With the ability to jump-start a flat battery, the Duracell PowerPack removes the need to call your neighbours over to connect your jumper cables to their car. It also doubles as a redundant power storage unit that you can carry into the house to charge phones through the USB ports, or simply extend the AC connection with up to 600W of power when you have an emergency power outage. You can also get this directly from Amazon, or ask local garage repairs shops if they are distributors of Duracell or other brands. A more laborious alternative to solving the battery charging problem would be to install a charging station.

If you drive a smart car, the charging station makes a lot more sense since it would be convenient to plug the car in for the night. Unlike the battery charging station that revives removable battery cells in conventional vehicles, the power source installation requires a lot more detail consideration. For instance, you will have to cater to the specific power requirements of your vehicle(s).

Also, a look into the future is needed. Are you going to drive the same vehicles for the next five years, during which the power requirements may have changed as you upgrade vehicles? Perhaps the catalogue provided by the Plug-In BC Collaboration may cover a wider spectrum of vehicle owners and corresponding suppliers of the electronic vehicle charging stations available in Toronto will help you make an informed decision. 

Door openers are the next renovation area you can invest in with a significant change to how you interact with your garage. At the time of writing, the most advanced garage door opening technology enables you to open access the garage at the press of a button. A long way from the doors you had to get out of the car and lunge up in order to park the car. 

With mobile apps among the hottest accessories that come with door openers, you get to control the gate from as far away as your workplace. Reputable brands will set you back up to $400 to buy the kit. However, it is best practice to have a garage repair company supply and install one in your garage.  

With these garage renovation ideas, you can transform a bald garage into a space that your car deserves to dwell. Other not-so-high-tech upgrades can provide you with a lot of benefits. Let’s look at a few such renovations in a good light.

Renovate The Garage Door

What kind of garage door covers the entrance to your car’s parking spot? Did you know that you could save a lot of energy with the simple replacement of yours with a purposefully designed garage door? While heavy metal doors or even solid wood doors instill peace of mind, they are less energy efficient compared to fibreglass or even multiple materials based doors with insulation packed in a sandwich style. 

Most garage door installation companies have hands-on information as to the benefits inherited with the adoption of the various garage door options they have in their showrooms. Expect to spend upwards of $800 for a custom garage door.

The garage door renovation project doesn’t have to be one that completely replaces the door, a fresh coat of paint can change the way your garage looks in so many ways. Not that most families drive into the garage together, and connect to the rest of the house from within, both the garage door and the one connecting to other rooms, when painted appropriately, can lighten the mood and attitudes of everyone passing through them.

Add Ventilation To The Garage

You may have to consult with the local authority to be in the clear before taking this small project up. After that, you will get more air flowing into the garage, removing chances of gas accumulation should you forget to switch the engine off when you drive in after a long tiresome day at work. 

Hint: You can get the ventilation needed by choosing a garage door that comes with transparent, openable sections if working on the walls is too much of an issue with the authorities. You get a more contemporary look with this move.  Along with air, you also get natural light through new glass-covered apertures that double as windows. You save on the lighting bill when you want to work on the car during the day time. 

Finding Company To Renovate Your Garage

Most companies that rank high on Yelp have just a few reviews, making it hard to decide if or not they would be perfect for your custom garage renovation gig, however, you can check for more reviews on social media platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin. Be sure to read through any garage renovation work you decide to do as a weekend project. The professionals usually get the results you see in images shown by the distributors of any enhancement products.


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