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How Much Does A Garage Door Installation Cost

Do you know how much a garage door installation costs? Making the decision to either replace or purchase a garage door for the first time is not a light process. It’s a determination best made with due care and diligence. A good garage door is something that everyone will notice once they walk in besides being functionally operational. Heck, a good installation will leave your neighbours speechless and jealous.

The final installation cost varies depending on your contractor. However, since professional expertise is required then it will most certainly cause a dent in your pocket. If you opt to do it on your own, it may cost a lot more. You’d then need a thorough knowledge of your home’s electrical systems and brace for the longer set up time.

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When To Get A New Door

This part is simple to discern. Either when your wooden door has accrued rot due to bad weather or is broken beyond simple repair. For steel garage doors, when the current one has been deformed or damaged from accidents or when you need an upgrade, then you definitely need a new door.

Nevertheless, you can still get a new one if you want a garage door as the main feature for your home’s facade. Most damaged doors usually just need a bit of patching up with paint or lubrication when they just make noise when they open. This option is always cheaper than buying a new one.


Cost Breakdown

The price of the door can differ depending on several issues; your contractor, the type of door, size and even how the doors open.

Preliminary Costs

These are charges that will apply before the contractors even start installing a new garage door. This includes work like removing the old door, resizing the garage opening, framing the outer part of the garage and replacing damaged components of the wall cavity.

At times, peripheral parts of a garage door have to be replaced. Things like garage door tracks which can be clogged or loose, expanded springs which allow the garage door to move up and down and worn out metal cables that may cause the door to fall on someone. Equally, the brackets which are connected to the metal cables could also be loose which would make the door come off its hinges and seriously injure someone. As such, all these preliminary issues are looked at and determined before installation can begin. To be fair, these are often charged on an hourly basis. The more setting up and required, the heftier the initial costs.

The Garage Door Installation Contractor

Finding a good contractor is the main cost determinant of the installation of a new garage door. For the best deal, you should always contact more than just two local contractors for an estimated price range for the work at hand. Thereafter, you can decide the most suitable contractor to hire depending on your budget. 

Despite how alluring they appear, you should be wary of excessively cheap contractors since they might scam you or do inevitably a shady job. In order to get the best service for your money, look for a contractor with reviews online which guarantees that you will get quality service.

To add to that, always make sure you get a price quote for all services including their installation fees if any. If you have any specifications in mind, make sure you get a price first before contracting that agency. Another matter to confirm beforehand is the cost of wiring any electronic doors and removal of the old garage door.

Type Of Garage Door

The type of garage door you choose (or intend to go with) determines the price you may have to pay. A cheap door is usually the one commonly picked on a budget. You would have to brace for a kick in the pocket if you want a custom made garage door.

There are different designs depending on how the door opens. The most common garage door that tilts up will probably cost lesser than a door that rolls up when you open it. For a sliding door design, there are two garage doors that slide on the door tracks at the top of the entryway and the swing-out design consist of two doors that open from the centre of the entry.

Materials Used

This is the cornerstone of the process of installing a garage door. Obviously, a wooden garage door and a steel garage door will differ in price. Each door has its own advantages and strengths. 

On one hand, a wooden one is more stylish and appealing; it conserves energy and is quite sturdy. However, it can get damaged by bad weather conditions like heavy rains, it is hard to keep it in its earlier stylish beauty and even worse, it is often more expensive than a steel garage door, thanks to the custom designs they come with. 

On the other hand, a steel garage door is more durable than a wooden one, it is easy to install and it needs relatively less maintenance. All you’d need to do is wipe it down to remove dust now and then. Its cons are that it can easily get deformed when accidentally hit hard and it might rust over time.

Other materials that can be used for doors include wood composite, vinyl and fibreglass. Wood composite is a mixture of recycled materials. Its nature makes it expensive as it is eco-friendly whilst being appealing to look at. It can also be painted to whichever colour you want. Vinyl is light, resistant to deformation, is more eye-catching than steel and needs less maintenance. Unfortunately, vinyl fades over time and it has few options to customize the garage door.

Aluminum produces garage doors which are lighter than those made of steel and is also resistant to dust and moisture. An outstanding disadvantage is the ability to bend easily and poor insulation.

Fibreglass doors that are light, affordable, come in different designs, and resistant to rust and rot. Its cons are that it loses colour with time and can crack under extreme weather conditions.

Features On The Door

Adding certain specifications to your garage door definitely increases the overall cost of installation. Designs like a window on the top of the door, reinforcement of the garage door with steel or wood or even insulation in the form of padding. 

To increase the natural lighting in the garage when the door is shut, a window would be essential. Reinforcement of the door guarantees extra safety and adds the durability of the door. If you opt for insulation of your garage door, it will help you to save energy that makes your home function more efficiently. By doing this, you will pay less for your utility bill. For better insulation, you should get a door infused with polystyrene or polyurethane foam. The materials ensure that your garage can withstand the cold air, hot air and noise from outside.

Door Openers

Automatic doors come in many styles that open in different ways. Whilst some door openers are keypads where you will key in a password to open it, some require fingerprint identification and touchscreens. Both are installed on the wall right outside the garage door opening. For better security, lesser insert-and-turn keys are used for modern garage doors.

More expensive features are the openers with battery back-up operators that are usable in cases of power cuts. Belt drives are quieter during use than screw drives and chain drives. Some garage doors come with smart features that notify you when your garage door is unlocked through your phone app or laptop.

Normally you will not have to replace them but if you install a new garage door, the opener may not be able to hold the weight of the new door then you are forced to buy a new opener. Extra accessories like remotes for control will also add to the total cost you will pay.

Entry Doors

When installing new garage doors, it is usually advisable to put a separate exterior door. This door allows you to have a different way of going in and out of the garage. It also gives a wider range of choices for a large garage door. Though it is not mandatory, it improves overall security.

A form of an entryway is a garage screen door. The screen door keeps out mosquitoes and insects though the air still goes in. In turn, keeping the garage and less stuffy while insects are kept out. They are either retractable screens or fixed ones.

Retractable screens can be moved manually or electrically. For the electronic screens, you can use a switch to raise it or lower it. While manual screens move in a vertical direction, sliding garage doors can move in a horizontal direction. Also, some screens have a mini door for walking through.

Another con of this is the replacement of the screen door panel. Depending on the type of screen type and size fitted, a panel will also vary in price. Normally, a screen can break from bad weather conditions or breakage.

The Garage Door Dimensions

For two-car garages, it is usually advisable that you install two garage doors. Most garage doors are either double width garage doors or single width garage doors. The latter is often used for a single car garage. On the other hand, a double-width garage door is best for a two-car garage. However, a single door can still be used for a two-car garage though some adjustments have to be made to the structure housing the door. Obviously, this increases the general cost.

Garage Door Tracks

Door tracks are the metal strips in which the rollers on the garage door use to move up and down or tilt as the door itself changes states from closed to open. The tracks can be reused if you plan on fitting the same kind of door that you had. Note that it can also be used for another kind of door of the same weight and dimensions.

Garage Door Sensors

Most if not all doors these days are fit in with sensors which prevent the garage door from hitting a pet, a child or a stagnant person as it closes. If the ones in your home do not work, then you will have to get a new one thereby digging deeper into your wallet. Same goes for the case where your garage door had none, to begin with. The benefits far outweigh whichever amount you’d be appending to the final invoice.

Customized Garage Door Details

A custom door will increase the budget of your door installation. The contractor can add on panels and trims for both beauty and strength. Some garage doors have a built-in sturdy glass or plastic that adds a modern look to your home. If you opt for a specific design, it can be non-adjustable, partially adjustable or a fully custom garage door. For a basic door, only minor changes can be made while a partially adjustable door allows you to choose a few designs like windows or panels. 

For custom doors, you get complete freedom in picking the colour you want, the panels you want and even materials to be used which insulated as they have high R values for blocking sounds if you want and they guarantee a long user time. A high R-value means better insulation.

The Size Of The Project

The more doors you install, the more likely you are to pay a cheaper price. Generally speaking, three doors on the same site will be cheaper to get fitted in than a single garage door fitted in each of three different locations. Some form of discount for the magnitude of such a project would accrue savings on your part.

In conclusion, the decision to install a new garage door is without a doubt crucial. A good garage door is a good investment, which will last you years with a good (short) ROI. 

Things to consider, and which will affect how much the garage door installation costs, include the materials used, the weather conditions, the price of a contractor among others. 

However, of utmost importance is getting a long-lasting garage door which is both stylish and well fitted. Depending on your individual preferences and budget, there are a plethora of different door designs to pick from.

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