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How much does garage door repair cost in Toronto?

When you face a problem with your garage door, it is an instinct that we quickly pull out our phones and search for the nearest company to come to your rescue. As expected, or not, search engines will splash you every company that paid to be on top of search results (not necessarily the best guys).

To find out how much your problem costs to solve when handled by contractors in Toronto, you need to do the digging necessary. Lucky we did just that and will be dishing out just what you want to know so you never get overcharged, or at worst hurriedly hire someone not completely competent to handle the task at hand.


Ball Park Figures

Before you start thinking about who is going to do the job, let’s break down what you will be charged for regardless of the problem you’re facing. Service charge. Because of market segmentation, some garage door repair companies will only serve a particular type of client.

Every other company wants to serve the rich customer, to be honest. This is why you’ll have some garage door repair and installation companies making their prices unreachable for the rest of the market. Something to consider when planning on a garage door repair or replacement venture.

In general, it should cost you less than $100 in service fees to have a company come over and analyze your problem, then suggest solutions, and actually apply said solutions. However, depending on where in Toronto you stay and how far the service guys had to drive out, you may be charged a little over that threshold. It is wise to have this cost determined before the call attendant, or email respondent assigns a job with your home address.


Garage Door Repair Problems

With the service fee out of the way, there are some problems that can be assigned a mean market cost value. Such problems include;

  • Broken springs
  • Torn Cables
  • Gear replacements
  • Adjustments to the springs
  • Opener replacements or adjustments
  • Roller replacements

Disclosure; your door issue can have issues outside of the listed lot, but the way of thinking suggested herein should apply when reading line-items off the quotation. To start with, all cables electrical or manual load-bearing, are sold per unit length. Just knowing this should equip you with enough confidence to regulate the final number on the invoice. Unless the garage door service company you contract forges parts for the doors in their workshop, there is also a flat cost to acquiring the pieces they need to replace any damaged components on your door. Letting them know of this fact should tilt the scales in your favour.


Can You Do It Yourself?

All this talk of knowing what needs to be fixed or replaced can have the inception effect of suggesting that you do the services required on your own during a free weekend. There are two parts to this rather adventurous scenario. Firstly, even if you watch a series of YouTube videos, or read a couple of articles taking you through solving the issue you’re facing, any mistake can graduate a small project into one that costs way more to rectify.

Even worse, trying a DIY stint could leave you in need of a completely new garage door Secondly because most doors operate on a weight balance mechanism, risks of injury, for which you will have to pay (after then paying for the professionals to come over) are almost inevitable.

It makes more economic sense to call in a garage door repair expert, who will save you more than just money in the long run. The peace of mind will be worth it all. If you (or a member of your family) are very interested in how garage doors work and are repaired, the best thing to do is observe and be inquisitive when the professionals arrive to solve your problem.

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