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How To Automate Your Garage Door On A Budget

Ever wonder how it would be to automate your garage door? By now you’d expect every garage door in Canada to be automated to some degree. Still, you’d be shocked how inconvenient a sizeable lot of us have to live with completely automated garage doors. 

The pain of getting out of the car, even when it’s raining or snowing, just to open the door and park the car safely, is real. We hope to share a little trickery and tips on how you can automate your garage door for way less than you can afford.


Here’s What You Will Need

To start with, you‘ll need the right outlook on what is possible and what stands only to be seen on television. That is to say, the basic things a garage door can do are only what can be automated, the rest are additional functions.

A garage door, basically, opens and closes. Just that motion protects and gives access to things stored inside to those authorized. Think of ways you can make that a smart device and you have the best start. Let’s discuss that bit before everything else.

Sticking with the theme of not spending more than you would need to fill your car with fuel for the month (a couple hundred), your smartphone will have to come into play on most of the automation methods we’ll discuss. You will find plenty of other methods that suggest buying and programming a Raspberry Pi device, but let’s not complicate things we’d rather have everyone able and willing to do.

So, with the garage door and a smartphone (Android or iOS), you should be in a good position to automate your garage door. And you haven’t bought anything just yet. 

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How To Choose A Garage Door Automation System

These are just two (well, three with the raspberry pi option) well-known garage door automation methods that are commonly used in Canada. There are, however, over a dozen others you can investigate and probably find a liking with. Your situation eventually decides what you settle with, but here are some considerations before you go out spending on the wrong one.

Garage Door Connectivity Technology Used

Some systems will use wifi, while others will opt for Bluetooth only connectivity. If the option of wifi seems unreasonable (say you don’t need wifi at home), then Bluetooth versions may be closer to your ideal systems. They usually mean lesser features and functionality beyond opening and closing the garage door. 

The same applies when looking at how close the garage door opener is installed with relation to the wifi router. It would cancel out the purpose of automation if you installed a new opener only to discover that it is too far away from the internet source.

Your Type of Garage Door

Depending on the type of garage door you have installed, some garage door openers are simply not compatible with the form or arch of opening, among other things. For this reason, whichever garage door automation system you feel compelled to add to your current setup, make sure to check with the manufacturer first as each case stands out.

Naturally. In the event that it requires a new garage door, consulting with industry specialists often leads to an amicable solution for whichever unique garage fashion you have made for the house. 

As you must have appreciated by now, you don’t have to fear unknown costs before going forward with the idea of automating your garage door. Sometimes it just means paying what a night out would amount to, or less, and you’d not have to worry about who is going to open the garage door when you approach the house.

The benefits that come lined with each automation point you add to the entire system, such as extra security, will never be paid for at value. Yet they are worth every effort put towards turning your home, and garage door into a single unit that makes living there a pleasure.

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