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How To Choose A Garage Door Opener Remote

It can be handy to prepare an additional garage door opener remote. However, when it comes to choosing which remote to buy, it can be a little challenging. Every manufacturer can provide you with replacements for broken or lost garage door opener remote. Also, there are now universal remotes that will give you plenty of options. 

Before you buy your garage door opener remote, there are some things that you need to check first. For example, you need to know what features of the remote you need as well as the size. For a full-size garage door opener remote, you can clip it onto your car visor. 

However, while this may be convenient, it can also be a security risk in the event that the vehicle is stolen. There are also mini garage door opener remotes that you can clip onto the key chain. It will operate in the same way as a full-size garage remote. Let’s take a look at the other factors to consider when choosing a garage door opener remote. 

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Checking the Garage Door Opener Remote Information

The first thing that you have to do before you buy the remote is to check for the model and manufacturer information first. You can find this on the motor unit located on your garage ceiling. You may also check the external receiver which can be found not far from the wire antenna. 

When you know the information about the model and manufacturer, you are now more ready to buy a replacement for your garage door opener remote. Make sure that you match the brand with the model number. As much as possible, only buy the remote from a sales representative of the maker, the local hardware store, or shop for it online from trusted sellers.


How To Choose A Garage Door Opener Remote



Getting a Universal Garage Door Opener Remote

If you are having a tough time getting an exact model from the manufacturer for your remote, you can always go for a universal one. You can program the remote so that you can use it. These universal remotes will work on most brands, especially for newer models. 

However, before you buy a universal remote for your garage door, you will still need certain information such as the manufacturer of the remote. It is to ensure that you can program the remote and it will work well for the garage door. 

Universal garage door opener remotes can be programmed so you can open not just one but even two doors of your garage. It has a switch for the light control and you can also turn on the home lights and the garage lights with it. 

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Checking the Buttons of the Remote

The garage door remote may have several buttons. It depends on the number of devices that you would like to control it with. For example, if you have a couple of garage doors as well as garage lights that are remote-controlled, then you will have a remote with three buttons. 

For controlling a garage door and a light switch, or for controlling two garage doors, then you only need two buttons. The buttons of the remotes may vary but they can have up to as many as four buttons. 


How to Program the Remote

If you bought a specific remote for the garage door’s particular brand, then programming the remote will be simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to press and hold and release the remote’s buttons. The pattern as to how this is done is specified in the remote’s instructions. The remote will then determine automatically the appropriate radio frequencies to connect with the garage door opener. 

As for universal garage door opener remotes, there will be a few other steps that you need to take to program it. First is you need to set the remote’s dip switches. It is to indicate the brand of the garage door opener. After that, you need to set the radio frequencies. The universal remote will come with all the instructions you need to program it. All you have to do is to follow the instructions thoroughly. 

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Replacing the Opener with Wireless Keypads

The garage door opener can be replaced with wireless keypads. These keypads are capable of opening as many as three garage doors or gates. Usually, wireless keypads are mounted outside of the garage. It is done this way so that other family members who may not have a garage door opener remote may be able to open the garage door. 

Wireless keypads need a security code so that you can open the garage. It is convenient especially if you have forgotten or lost the remote. It is also great for the temporary use of service people or guests in your home. 



To get a replacement for your garage door opener remote, you will need the model and the manufacturer so that you can get the exact replacement. However, if you can no longer retrieve such information, the best way to go would be to get a universal remote. With just a few steps to program the remote with your garage door opener, you are set to go in and out smoothly of your garage. 

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