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Top Garage Door Trends For 2020

As we approach a more energy consumption and environment aware society, it is inevitable that our homes and how we build them catch on. For 2020, a few trends will continue to dominate the reasons why people buy and replace their garage doors with a select type.

We’ve researched, observed and put together these facets of thinking to help everyone looking for a garage door in 2020 make decisions that go with the times. Enjoy!

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More Colourful Finishes Than Before

As it becomes less of an issue of why people wear a certain colour as opposed to the ones society expects of them, the same is happening with garage doors. Back in the 90s, a yellow garage door would have caused drivers passing by to veer off their line for a bit (a little exaggeration, but you get the point). Nowadays, if yellow is what you love, both the front door and the garage door can as well be yellow and nobody will frown as you out on your way to work.


More Glass Incorporated in Garage Doors

In addition to colour, glass too, with it’s ‘all-colour’ property will become a staple in modern homes. Especially with the younger demographic. Not only does mirrored glass lets you see exactly what you impose onto it, but you also cannot see through it.

Also since many homes are letting in more light by replacing parts of their roofs with glass, it too will be a continuation of the idea. Some garage entrances will see the material just above the door replaced with glass so that free natural light flows in from the outside.


Euro-Style Garage Doors

Imagine passing by a house with an arch-shaped garage door among a line of homes with the usual four-sided garage door shape. The nostalgia alone would impress. This will be a trend in 2020 as more young homeowners start to appreciate the attractiveness of the arch.

Especially those with homes that already extrapolate the arch accent on window and door frames. A touch of the Spanish arch spread over a long gap often is more pleasant to glance at than the boxed designs.


Energy-Efficiency First Garage Doors

Considering how the usage solar systems have been more on the news and on a lot of advertisements compared to years past, it is easy to predict that energy will be a thought when buying garage doors. Because the door only works when the motor is running, there shouldn’t be much in the direction of consumption, rather on how good a door can conserve energy inside the building. 

Before buying a garage door on the purpose of just covering the gap through which the car gets into the building, more emphasis will be put into making sure the door is an insulator. This can suggest a sharp to moderate increase in the number of garage doors replaced in Canada as a whole. A garage door’s life span is big enough to make it easy for inertia to kick in and have some homeowners just overlook this point, but as seasons change, minds should too.


Garage Doors From Recycled Material

Lessening our carbon footprint will not only affect the garage door industry, but all those that rely on earth extracted raw materials. Garage doors made from recycled material along with composite material should be available for homeowners who’d rather feel that their purchase is not causing another part of a forest to be chopped down.

Recycled aluminum should see its way into the garage door area of use. Not only does the surface protect itself from corrosion, but the glitz it naturally possesses can be used to bring out the beauty of a house from the outside going in. The same applies even for iron forged garage doors. Chances will be, that the metallic form was last a car or part of a recycled railway line, now protecting your car from weather elements and intruders. 


More Garage Door Automation

As it becomes easier and less expensive to automate garage doors, the trend will see an increase. With a few steps detailed on a menu, it will take less than an hour to unbox and test a garage door automation kit. The entire home will keep getting automated, and the garage door too will be in that mix. Results from such automation will be that garage doors will log who opened them, and at what time. It will also be possible for homeowners to monitor what is happening outside and inside the garage through surveillance installed as part of the garage door installation system.


New Materials Used for Garage Doors

Back in the 90s, the thought of garage doors was immediately paired with a metal slab. This has stopped being the case, with a lot of homeowners opting for more lightweight options in the form of fibreglass and even vinyl. Compared to the mainstream wood and metal bodies that garage doors were predominantly made from, these options require less maintenance effort. A few wipes to remove accumulating dust every weekend and they keep the front of the house looking neat and tidy.


Farm House Garage Doors

Despite being of an alternative material than wood, a nice finish of polyurethane and the detail that suggests a country environment can be enough to make a house stand out. These will be a sight to see as garage doors become more of a decoration piece than the intended use. Say you miss the life you had back at the farm, a simple picture of the garage door or barn door is enough inspiration to get a cloning project underway.


Carved Garage Doors

We used to see these kinds of garage doors back in the 80s, but the trend is on the way back. Only now, with the availability of tools like 3-D Printing designs carved or added ad decorative layers on the surface of the garage door are open to owner discretion.

From floating shapes to artistry next to the beautiful sculpture we see in art displays. Because of this, the hydrocarbon-based garage door type will find favour among those looking to achieve this kind of finish. Not to say this is not possible with wooden doors, it is much easier to undo a design flaw on plastic.


In Conclusion

The rules that used to hold back creativity when it comes to garage doors will further be overlooked. Thanks to high-paying careers in technology, more young members of the population should be in a position to make decisions as to how the garage door they see each time they get home makes them feel. Bold colours on the entire garage door are a clear sign of the sign of things changing, as is a mixture of tones we’d never have expected a handful of years back.

If you’re thinking of what to paint on your garage door, the very first idea is as good as what you come with an hour later. From bookcases painted right onto the garage door’s entire surface to just words. It will be hard to tell what is graffiti and what isn’t. At the end of the day, you decide the mood and attitude that your door exudes each time you look at it.

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