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Why Regular Garage Door Maintenance is Important?

When it comes to home maintenance, the most common part being neglected is the garage door. Only a few homeowners do regular maintenance for their garage door. But did you know that every homeowner should do a proper garage door maintenance, regularly? 

Your garage door is the most common part of your house that all of you are using mostly every day. It closes and opens every time you enter and exit your vehicle from your home. Regular use of your garage can damage and strain it. Also, it is one of the biggest and heaviest parts of your house so it should not be overlooked. To sum up, it serves as the exterior barrier that protects you, your family, your belongings and properties.

So you must do a garage door maintenance, regularly to avoid future problems. 

If you are still in doubt about whether to get a garage door maintenance or not, continue reading more. We are going to show you some of the specific importance of regular garage door repair and maintenance.

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Importance of Garage Door Repair and Maintenance

To keep you and your family safe from accidents

Every year there are tons of people experience accidents and injuries because of damage garage doors. From DIY garage door projects to neglecting maintenance and repair for the garage door, accidents are sure to increase. You should regularly check the condition of your garage door because it is big and heavy enough to injure someone. 

Without proper regular maintenance, the garage door’s parts are more likely to break because of constant use. Regular use can wear and tear up its parts. If broken, there is a high possibility to have some malfunctions. These malfunctions can cause serious injury or can be deadly particularly if it’s a garage door spring. Garage door accidents can happen in many ways, like getting your hands caught or getting hurt when it suddenly falls off.

So, if you observe that there are damages, either big or small, you must call garage door maintenance experts immediately. So, you and your family are free from any type of accident related to a garage door. Your family’s safety should be your topmost priority.

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To lengthen the lifespan of the garage door.

Irregular maintenance of a garage door does not only lead to injury but also leads to a shorter lifespan of it. Lack of lubrication, unaligned tracks, loose bolts, etc. can all prevent the garage door to open and close normally. If these are left unattended, it can tear up the garage door permanently, leading to total damage. 

If you have garage door spring, its lifespan can last up to 10,000 cycles. However, if it is not regularly lubricated it can be damaged quickly.

Every garage door manufacturers strongly recommend regular repair and maintenance. Even though door manufacturers claim that their garage doors are designed to last, still it needs maintenance. Everything that is taken cared of properly and maintained regularly, last for a long time.

To avoid sudden malfunctions and damage.

When your garage door suddenly had a malfunction, you have no choice but to call for an emergency repair service. This is not only more expensive but also extremely inconvenient to you. But if you call a garage door repair service regularly, you are less likely to experience sudden damage. Also, if ever there is damage, it can be addressed immediately to prevent future or worse problems. Another thing is, you do not need to panic where and how to call a repair service. 

To prevent inconvenience

We are all busy with our businesses, works and other kinds of stuff. That is probably one of the reasons why we neglect our garage door repair and maintenance. But it should not be like that because a broken garage door can bring inconvenience to us. As it serves as the entrance and exit in a house, particularly your garage. If it is not working properly, your vehicle may be stuck inside or the other way around. Aside from that, you will be needed to find a garage door repair service and wait for their arrival. It does not end there as you cannot determine if it is repairable or needs to replace.

To add value to your property.

If you have a real estate property business, a new garage door can give you an ROI of nearly 90 percent. If it is a typical type of house then a garage door can make up 50% of the front facade. With that, a well-maintained garage door is more pleasing and appealing to a potential buyer.

To update your garage door functions.

Apart from adding value to your house, regular garage door repair also allows you to update its function. Some may say that add-ons are not totally relevant but if it improves your home’s security, then it’s worth it. 

If you have an old garage door model with the same rolling codes, for some instances, you feel unsecured. But if you have regular maintenance, you can easily update its rolling code system. Some updated version can change its codes every time you go out, so no one can easily break-in.

One more thing is when you are using an electric garage door and you experience a sudden power outage. If your garage door can be operated using a battery back up then you can ensure that it can still work. There are a lot of garage door security features available out there, it’s up to you to decide what to choose. Garage doors maintenance lets you upgrade your garage door features to the latest security settings. 

To lessen the damage repair cost.

If you are having regular maintenance it can minimize the possibility of running into costly major damage and repairs. In that case,  you can save more money in the long run. Having regular maintenance is more cost-effective than major repairs or completely having to replace it. 

The average cost of replacing a garage door opener cost $350. In some cases, a total replacement of a garage door can cost up to $1,100 but still varies. 

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Key Takeaways

If you take care of your garage door it can last for more years. You will not only get value for your money but you can avoid as well the additional costs of major repairs. So, it is better to have regular maintenance for your garage door so you and your family are safe and secured, too. 

It is always better to prevent possible problems than to face it out of the blue. With just a little maintenance care, you can make sure that your garage door lasts longer. Plus, you will not experience any unexpected problems.

If you need to consult an expert, always call a reliable garage door repair company so there is no regret.

Remember that maintenance is crucial to your garage door and a broken one should be fixed immediately. In Garage Door Repair Canada, we offer a 24/7 emergency repair all over Toronto and Vaughan. 

So, when was the last time your garage door was properly repaired or maintained? 

You can give us a call today so we can offer you a consultation regarding your garage door repair and maintenance.

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